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About Tammy De Mirza

When I was 11, a Southern Baptist pastor came to visit my grandmother.
After a short while, I was praying the sinner’s prayer and asked Jesus into my heart.

Literally overnight, everything about me changed.
I began communicating with God/Source on a level no one realized.

In junior high and high school, other kids came to me for counsel, and I gave them
guidance and information I couldn’t possibly know without the connection I had.

In my twenties, I started scanning people’s bodies and laying my hands on them.

Through my connection with God/Source, I was able to heal them
of every health issue you can imagine.

People weren’t always as excited as I was by this healing. Sometimes,
it lasted only for a short while, and sometimes for several months,
before recurring or showing up as another illness … and that traumatized me.

I asked God why this was so, and I heard that I wasn’t getting to
the root of what caused their illnesses.

I’ve since learned that every single health issue we experience
is connected to something in the emotional realm.